Sexy Professional Exotic Wrestling was best female nude wrestling ever

Sexy Professional Exotic Wrestling was SPEW.  For over a year, SPEW was the most entertaining female nude wrestling in the world.

Sexy Professional Exotic Wrestling referee Leah Layne
Leah Layne’s the referee for Death Match 1 pitting Dirty Heather against Killer Kloey. Along with Carmen and Dirty Heather Leah Layne is one of the models in my book “Extreme Guns and Babes for an Exotic World. I also wrote an article for Xtreme Magazine entitled “Twenty-four hours in Leah Layne Land.”

But we could not show it on YouTube because wrestlers were sexy, nude strippers wrestling in hot oil.   And YouTube is not about to allow us to show beautiful female bodies in the raw.  But now you can view Sexy Professional Exotic Wrestling here at Alpha Productions.

How can we claim Sexy Professional Exotic Wrestling was the best female nude wrestling ever?

Carmen a young house dancer at Big Daddy’s Cabaret and Dirty Heather. Carmen is featured with the Browning 50 caliber machine gun in my book, Extreme Babes and Guns for an Exotic World. While Dirty Heather appears in another chapter posing with the Colt Python.

First off, SPEW matches went on for over two years.  Second, we held these nude female wrestling matches in four states.  Third, Big Daddy,  the Godfather of Spew, was much more than just another strip club owner.  He was and still is one of the most entertaining announcers alive.  Fourth, Spew, could pick from three strip clubs.  Big Daddy’s Cabaret in Missouri, the Lumberyard in Des Moines, Iowa, and the Iowa Playhouse in Council Bluffs.  Fifth, Big Daddy, Spew’s mastermind is an ex professional wrestler who used to wrestle on television.

Sixth  is Big Mike, Big Daddy’s SPEW partner.  Big Mike was the general manager of the Lumberyard.  Who put the Lumberyard on the map of outstanding U.S. strip clubs.  Big Mike literally took the Lumberyard out of the cow pasture into one of this nation’s premiere adult clubs.  For example, the Lumberyard ultimately hosted the Miss Nude World Pageant.  Which is one of the most prestigious adult club pageants to ever hit the planet.

Becoming Crowned as Miss Nude World amounts to a ticket to stardom and all the big money that comes with it.

Okay, if you aren’t convinced yet, that Sexy Professional Exotic Wrestling, SPEW, exhibited the most entertaining  female nude wrestling ever, I’m going to let the videos do the talking.

First up is the original SPEW–Sexy Professional Exotic Wrestling video, “Death Match 1”.

You will find the quality of the second video to be much better.  For one thing, I didn’t shoot it.  Because I was too busy shooting digital stills of all the naked ladies with my Nikon D-1x.  Also, the camera, a now outdated Sony movie camera was not up to my Panasonic Lx10 and Nikon D750 I’m using now.  Most important of all, 15 years ago, we were using phone lines to broadcast video.  Which meant we had to drastically reduce file size and quality to deliver internet video content.  But it’s still great video.  It captures Big Daddy’s peerless broadcasting talent.  It dramatizes the intensity of the  female nude wrestling taking place.

Be forewarned.  The original wrestling video streams but not nearly as well as other recent videos I’ve put on Alpha Productions.  But stick with it.  You will be hugely entertained.

This SPEW video also showcases the huge effort made to dramatize these Sexy Professional Wrestling matches

If you watch closely you can see how Dirty Heather cut Krazy Ted’s forehead open with a razor.

As Dirty Heather and Killer Kloey are hurling insults at each other, Big Daddy tells Heather, “In other words Kloey is calling you a piece of shit.” And she’s going to beat your ass.”  An enraged Dirty Heather, swings a heavy championship wrestling belt at Big Daddy.  But she misses.  And hits Krazy Ted instead.  But while Krazy Ted’s going down Big Daddy trips and goes down to the canvas with Krazy Ted.  When Krazy Ted gets up, his forehead is bleeding profusely.  You don’t see this immediately.  It’s only later in the video that Krazy Ted stalks off laughing hideously as  blood pores out of his forehead.

But Dirty Heather never cut Krazy Ted.  It turns out Big Daddy’s the arch villain.   Because Big Daddy taped a razor blade inside his fingers.  Which he used to cut Krazy Ted while both men were down on the canvas.

So it’s no outrageous boast when I call SPEW the most entertaining female nude wrestling ever.

Cutting Krazy Ted was so typical of all the Sexy Professional Exotic Wrestling pageants.  As an ex professional wrestler Big Daddy knew every trick in the book to pull one over on his audience.

Big Daddy with SPEW wrestlers at Nudes-A-Poppin which bills itself as the largest outdoor nude beauty pageant in the World.

Which now bring us to the second SPEW video.  It’s actually a slide show video.  It shows what my Nikon D-1 x camera could do and there’s a lot of nudity in the D-1 X pictures.

We now invite you to visit the Alpha Productions SPEW web pages where you can view a lot more pictures of female nude wrestling along with a lot of background on the female participants and the key people who created the SPEW saga.

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