Pattaya BarGirls meet East Saint Louis Cement Mixer

Not only can Pattaya Drinking Street bar girl Kwan down an East Saint Louis Cement Mixer, She can also compete with the best American Feature Entertainers?

So who came up with this special concoction I call the East Saint Louis cement mixer?

East Saint Louis cement mixer
Delilah, who danced at Stimmelators as Renee got me started on  the East Saint Louis cement mixer.

I took this picture with a Kodak digital camera that produced only 375000 pixels.  Compare this to my Nikon 750 which creates 24,000,000 pixels and you will see how outmoded that camera was.  But that was twenty years ago when NOBODY was shooting digital  in strip clubs.  But back then Renee was the cat’s meow as far as I was concerned.  Renee, however, didn’t dance long.  She didn’t even live in Indiana.  Renee lived in a small Michigan town 73 miles from the club.

It turned out that Renee was much more than a hot looking stripper with a beautiful body.  Renee could completely take a computer apart and rebuild it.  She also shared my completely whacked out sense of humor.   We had a lot in common.  So we became fast friends.  But in Michigan she was now living the “normal life” of a small town gal taking care of her family.

She got married.  But she asked me to take her wedding pictures.  Her husband and I became friends.

Even so, she accompanied me to Nudes A Poppin as my photography  assistant.  With her husbands blessing.

I visited Renee and her family in Michigan several times.  And every time I went to Stimmelators to take pictures of the topless dancers, Renee and her husband would drive 73 miles from Michigan to see me.  And my friends.  But mostly me.  Once or twice Renee would visit her stripper friends and go to Indiana alone.

And so it went.  With a whole lot to tell.  But one night Renee and her husband joined all of us at Stimmelators.  Keith was one of the guys in our group.  And as I said before Renee had a totally whacked out sense of humor.  She bought Keith and me two cement mixers.  Which was a shot of tequila in a shot glass and another shot of Bailey’s Creme.  Then she made Keith and me gulp a shot of Baileys with an immediate follow up of lime juice.  Now that just about made Keith and me sick on the spot.  Because Renee asked us to keep both shots in our mouths.  Then she had us hold the Baileys and Lime in our mouths without swallowing.  For over twenty seconds before she told us we could swallow.

Then she just sat there laughing her ass off at us

Renee’s little prank inspired me to introduce the East Saint Louis Cement mixer.  Renee was and she would always be my favorite stripper ex stripper of all time.  So when I went back to the Saint Louis Metro East I thought of a new improved cement mixer.  I went to Dollies Playhouse in Washington Park Illinois.  Which was a black suburb of East Saint Louis.  And I started buying a special concoction for several of my best friends in the club.

The East Saint Louis cement mixer became one shot of tequila and one shot of Lime juice

Which we all put in our mouths without swallowing either shot.  While I instructed my friends to hold in their mouths for 30 seconds or so.  Shake our heads to the two liquids mixed in our mouths.  And swallowed.   And man what a kick that was.

Alabama at Dollies Playhouse. She would become one of Dollies foremost advocates for the East Saint Louis cement mixer. In this picture Alabama pretends to be Sister Margarita, a Catholic nun who got lost driving in East Saint Louis. And who wandered into Dollies to ask for directions. In this little skit I produced and put on the internet, Hawk the manager of Dollies goes into the toilet to take a whiz. And while urinating he spots the nun on the toilet. This was the first episode of what became Trendy Toilet sex at Dollies

Our favorite drink at Dollies Playhouse was tequila.  The strippers were drinking it.  And so were a couple of the strip club managers.  Especially Big Howard, who became my best manager friend of all.  So it wasn’t long before customers started coming into Dollies asking for an East Saint Louis cement mixer.

I always did hang around some of the hottest house dancer strippers and feature entertainers while writing for American adult magazines and shooting pictures of them on stage.


At the Pure Talent Feature Showcases

We’d stay at the same hotels together and sometimes I’d room with one of the features while the clubs foot the bill. Sometimes there would be as many as 19 feature entertainers in the same hotel, the feature entertainers coming in from across the U.S.  to perform in feature showcases for the Pure Talent Agency.

The way it would work is Pure Talent would convince a topless club owner to host the event.  It might cost the topless club owner  $15,000 to $20,000 to cover all the costs including his fee to the Pure Talent Agency.  The owner’s costs would include hotel rooms for all the feature entertainers performing at the showcase.  Typically Pure Talent would pair off the adult entertainers two to a room.  Sometimes it would assign one of the entertainers to me so the girl and I would share a room together.   Other times I’d get a room to myself which the topless club owner would wind up paying for.

For two of three nights straight each feature entertainer would do her shows to other topless club owners and the club’s customers.

Each entertainer had to do two carefully choreographed shows, the idea being to completely impress the visiting topless club owners so that they’d want to book her shows.   The owner booking one of the Pure Talent features would wind up paying the feature entertainer say $2000 to $12000 for say a three day period as well as her hotel and airfare expenses and out of that Pure Talent would get a 15 % booking fee.

I traveled with Pure Talent to Club Oasis in Philadelphia, Las Vegas where I shot the stars at Club Sapphires, Club Fantasies in Providence, Rhode Island, the Candy Store in Mobile, Alabama, and several times at one of the Pure Talent favorite clubs, Big Als in Peoria, IL. to mention just a few.   So why would Big Al want to fork over all that money to Pure Talent, and not just once, but at least three times?

For one thing he’d spend even more money advertising the event on radio and television.  It all got to be pretty expensive.  Well, compared to Chicago, IL, Peoria is a pretty small place, so here’s what Big Al got out of it.  Big Al and his club acquired the reputation for being the absolute finest gentlemen’s club in Illinois.  When it came to enjoying the respect of the talent agencies, the feature entertainers from all over the U.S., his fellow topless club owners, and his club’s customers as large a city as Chicago is, the clubs there could not begin to acquire Big Al’s reputation for excellence.

I shot one of my first Pure Talent feature showcases at Reginas, in Springfield, Missouri and it was there that I met Big Daddy who was then the general manager of something like 14 clubs across four states.

We would become best of friends, and it would be Big Daddy who’d later travel with me to Thailand.  So what does this all have to do with Kwan and the Pattaya Drinking Street bars?  Trust me, she’s right up there with the best of America’s feature entertainers and she’s a great drinking companion as well.




Jack Corbett

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