Sensational Pattaya Ladyboy show at Naklua TG Bar

Naklua TG bar is widely known for its lady boys and good music  but tonight we watched an absolutely sensational Pattaya Ladyboy show.

Pattaya Ladyboy show

Did I call this an absolutely sensational Pattaya Ladyboy show?  For my sidekick, such words simply are not enough.

Before she even mounted the stage, my pal exclaimed.

“Look at the ass on that ladyboy.  Most women would die to have a body like hers!”

I shot two videos of the same Pattaya Ladyboy show

Click here to see them

I shot the first one with my smart phone.  Because I did not bring my Panasonic LX10 along.  The bar played the right music to the right girl.  Or is it a boy?  But it was the ladyboy dancing alone for my cell phone.  Two nights later, I bought my Panasonic Lx10 with its Leica 1.4 lens.  This is a very small, very serous, and very fast camera.

Again, the music was just right for video.  Once again, TG bar was playing “Doom Doom”.  I call the song the Boom Boom song.

But this time two ladyboys were dancing to “Doom Doom”.  And thank god, I brought a real camera along.  Don’t get me wrong.  Smart phones are great.  And mine does about 13 million pixels.  But that Leica Panasonic is so much better.  And my Nikon, with its $2000 lens, is just unworldly.

The Ladyboys here at TG bar are pretty low key.  They don’t even touch the customers unless the customer is asking for it.  I’m not.  They are pretty much of a class act, which is what one expects from TG bar.

I’ve been hanging around TG bar for something like 12 years.  There’s two owners.  A husband wife team.  The husband is German, and well, you know how a lot of these Germans are.  They do everything just right.  And Luddy makes such they don’t play any mickey mouse music here.  No da da.  And not much Thai music.

I already know what YouTube is going to do with this Pattaya Ladyboy show video

YouTube will accuse me of stealing music and then you don’t get to see this outstanding Pattaya Ladyboy show video.  But do not worry.  I’ve got all of you covered.  Because I can make it stream right out of my Alpha Productions web site.

So ask you watch this video, I want you to ask yourselves one question.  “Would you do this ladyboy or not?  If you say no, I’m almost dead certain you are lying.  You might also want to read.

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Bang ladyboy or not. That is number one Soi Six Question



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