Ninja Dee Dee

Jack, I need to post this because I don’t think I ever shared this story with you. It makes me smile every time I think about it. Last time I met up with you in Pattaya we got together with a Canadian engineer and my buddy from the States and went down to Soi 33 for food and fun. We started at the Italian restaurant and then made our way across the street to Nikki bar. We ordered cocktails, were joined by some lovely company and proceeded to have fun. Dee Dee was the hostess who sat down next to me and she was enjoyable to have there. She had a red silk dress with gold chains for straps and seemed to enjoy our sometimes loud falang banter. The engineer and I toasted with an uproarious “Cheers MF” which unintentionally cracked my glass. She immediately grabbed my glass and returned with a new drink. Quitting time came and I put my Baht in with a nice little tip for the hostess. She stood in front of me clearly hoping the night wasn’t over just yet. I told her I needed to go. It had been a long day and I needed to sleep. Then I assured her that I would return and we would meet again. No one will ever know how many times she has heard that line before but what she didn’t know is it wasn’t a line. Her head tilted forward like a school teacher looking over the top of glasses on the end of her nose and said “I not believe you”. I told her “I like this bar. My friends like this bar, we will come back”. She grudgeinly said “Ok” and I left for the hotel.

I come from the upper midwest. I drink beer, ride Harleys, occasionally carouse with women but I am also fundamentally honest in nature. That is not a universal virtue on the other side of the world where money is number one and saving face is more important than truth or facts. The real story is I was dead tired. I packed up in Bangkok, took a cab to my hotel in Pattaya and unpacked. My phone wasn’t working so I couldn’t contact Jack and it’s already been a long day. I know the general vicinity where his condo is and will recognize it when I see it so I took off on foot. Found it left a message at the office and turned around to hoof it back. Stopped to cool off at the Pen bar complex on the way back. Got to the hotel showered and was shaving when Jack called from the lobby. Off we went. Dee Dee had no idea what my day was like. I also have a rule she wasn’t aware of. It’s not so much of a rule as a policy. On days when I travel I don’t bar fine. Go back to the hotel and get some sleep.

The next night we follow roughly the same routine. Soi 33, restaurant and bar. However this time we go to Cocktail bar next to Nikki bar. We are having fun and out of the corner of my eye I see red dress leaving down the Soi. I intended to go to Nikki bar and say hello but she was leaving and appeared to have determination in her pace. I went into stealth mode and followed her at twice her pace. Caught up to her as she turned the corner onto Naklua Road. She didn’t know I was behind her so I grabbed her butt just for fun. She swirled around immediatly with her ams up and her fists closed. The look in her eyes was Ninja Dee Dee. My smile turned into a laugh. She recognized me and put down her fists. Then with pursed lips she asked me “What you do”. I told her I go to bar and have drinks with friends. We shared a momentary gaze and then I turned back to the bar. The ninja girl followed me back. We went to Nikki bar and the rest of the entourage eventually joined us.

I planned to bar fine Dee Dee but first I wanted to have fun with her. So I asked her “You love me long time”

She said “Yes”

I asked her “You make all my dreams come true

she said “Yes”

I asked you give better BJ than my buddy from the States. You need to understand he is not gay and would probably cross the street to avoid a ladyboy. Her eyes were big as saucers. She looked at my buddy then looked at me with her palms raised to the sky she said “I don’t know”

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