Dancing to Ex Machina Get Down Saturday Night

Showing off their dancing moves on YouTube, Oscar Isaac and Sonoya Mizuno get Mimi and Mali Dancing to Ex Machina Get Down Saturday Night.

Mali and Mimi cutting up after dancing to Ex Machina Get Down Saturday Night

When I watched Sonova Mizuno dancing to Ex Machina Get Down Saturday night on Netflix I thought she was utterly sensational. Then I started doing my research. And found that Sonova’s father is Japanese, and that she was talking ballet classes since she was nine years old. But I also liked Oscar Issac in the film so I decided to find out more about him.

I discovered Oscar Isaac was born in Guatemala to a Guatemalan mother and a Cuban father before the family immigrated to the U.S. when Isaac was five months old. After graduating from the Julliard School, he earned several very prestigious acting awards. But his greatest recognition came from the New York Times in 2020 when the NYT named him one of the 25 greatest actors of the 21st century.

Get Down Saturday Night–now that’s real music. I could try dancing to it. But Oscar Issac shoes are to big for me to fill. He’s one of the world’s finest actors and obviously a very accomplished dancer. While Sonova MIzuno’s dancing credentials are even more impeccable. And while several of my Thai lady friends are outstanding dancers, I really couldn’t see them measuring up to Sonova. Out of all of them, I could only see Mew as having a reasonable chance of emulating Sonova. As for those here who know nothing of Mew, Mew has won all three of our dancing contests at Nikky Bar. Taking home prize money of 4000 baht, 13000 baht and 20000 that (around $700.00 U.S.

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Then I tried dancing to Ex Machina Get down Saturday night myself.

But one night while I was having a few drinks with Silent Bob at Pattaya Soi Six’s Hot Shots Bar I asked Silent Bob to play Get Down Saturday night. Bob’s the Dj at Hot Shots and he’s a real cut up. So, when he started playing Get Down Saturday Night I started dancing to it. And I felt I was doing great. But perhaps that’s all that alcohol I was drinking that was doing all the thinking.

So far, I haven’t been seeing all that much of Mew so I’ve not had the chance to see how well she would do dancing to Ex Machina Get Down Saturday night. But I’ve been seeing a lot of Mali lately. Although I’ve known Mali for two years, I never had more than one drink with her until now. And I had never seen her dance. But she’s recently become a big fan of drinking Long Island teas with me. Which consists of six different kinds of alcohol all poured into one glass. I’ve also learned that she really likes to dance.

Mlai was dying to start dancing to Ex Machina with Mimi

So, I was a bit surprised when she asked me, “Let’s go to Nikky Bar tonight. I want to dance to Get Down Saturday Night with Mimi.

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