Repent 24 tequila night on Soi Six

We had too much to drink during Repent 24 tequila Night during our latest Soi Six marathon which actually starts and ends at Hot Shots

Mali and Bob at Hot Shots on Repent 24 tequila night
Mali and Silent Bob at Hot Shots from Hot Shots we will go to Repent Bar to have a Repent 24 tequila night down on Soi Six.

Our night starts out at the Japanese restaurant at the Centara Grand Mirage Resort. Here we have Long Island Teas to go with our Japanese food. For the uninitiated a Long Island tea consists of one shot of white rum, one shot of Tequila, one shot of gin, one shot of vodka. And a shot of Triple Sec with syrup or coca cola added in with several wedges of lemon.

Then we head to Cooters on Soi Six doubled up on a motorbike taxi. Unfortunately, the bar’s playing that dreadful electronic noise I call da da music. And it’s blaring right into my ear. I can’t wait to finish my drink While Mali’s got that look on her face telling me, “I want to throw up.”

The DJ, Silent Bob’s already at Hot Shots but manager Marc’s missing thanks to a severe case of trench foot he’s gotten from all the water throwing during Songkran.

Mali and Koy during Repent 24 tequila night
Mali with the two Koys at Repent Bar.

It’s our first real stop during Repent 24 tequila night on Soi Six. Which is only our second night out on Soi Six since Songkran.

Mali’s mood suddenly brightens. Both of us are happy to start drinking with Silent Bob. And thankfully they are not playing that garbage noise here.

Too many bars allow their bar girls to play their music. And for many their choice is DA DA. The smarter bar girls won’t. For example, when Gee changes the music in a bar, she will never play that electro shit. I’ve even had several bar managers tell me they hate it. Who tell me that many customers immediately leave because of it.

You won’t find these noisy attacks on their customer’s central nervous systems in the German owned bars on Soi Six. Because most Germans simply won’t put up with it. And Hot Shots is a German owned bar. and that’s why it has Silent Bob, an Englishman for its DJ.

At Hot Shots Bob and I are drinking Yagermeisters. While Mali’s drinking shots of tequila.

But Koy across the street at Repent bar knows we are here at Hot Shots and has already messaged me, “Come, come.” We promise Bob we will come back to his bar. And then we begin our Repent 24 tequila night on Soi Six. Almost as soon as Koy’s joined us at a table the other Koy’s right on us. This is the cashier. Suddenly four glasses of tequila are placed in front of us. And that’s why Mali calls Repent “very dangerous”. Because whether we want them or not both Koy’s are going to always have at least four tequilas in front of us.

I am not sure whether or not we had twenty-four tequilas at Repent bar, but after leaving Koy, we headed right back into Hot Shots where we had a lot more to drink.

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