Hot Shots Repent, Crazy Fox, and Sweet Bar tequila marathon.

Tonight, was a Hot Shots Repent tequila mind warp starting at Soi Chaiyapoon’s Crazy Fox that ended at Sweet bar.

picture of girls at Crazy Fox before we went to Hot Shots Repent bar
from left to right Mali, Mimi and the two Crazy Fox girls

Mimi, Mali and I started out full bore at Long Beach Garden’s Surf and Turf. With Mali and I knocking down two Long Island teas at 6:30 p.m. But the night would continue on until after 2 a.m. Our first bar was Crazy Fox way off on Soi Chaiyapoon, which is about the only bar we go to in that distant part of the world. And it’s our Soi Six connection that brings us there.

Anna’s the mamasan at Crazy Fox representing the fourth bar in the Smoke and Kisses chain. It was at Smoke and Kisses where I first met anna seven years ago. While Lollytop and Smoke and Mirrors are sister bars to the Crazy Fox and Smoke and Kisses, I have met more girls at Smoke and Kisses than anywhere else in Pattaya. Which makes any bar run by Anna kind of special.

But I’m calling last night’s festivities a Hot Shots Repent because about an hour after we arrived at Repent bar to join Koy, I was damn close to throwing up.

It’s been awfully hot the past few days here, and Repent bar was filled with people. And the tequilas arrived at our table with awesome regularity thanks to Koy and Koy. The first Koy being my favorite drinking partner at Repent and the second Koy being the cashier. Who’s turned out to be my second favorite drinking buddy here. Somehow, I’m able to avoid becoming sick. And I can still drink shot after shot.

I feel much better after we join Silent Bob across the street at hot Shots. And a lot better after we eventually head over to Sweet Bar.

But the best part of the evening was being able to shoot the following two videos over at Crazy Fox, and Hot Shots Repent bars. With Mimi filling in beautifully with Koy, Mali and Silent Bob.

Hot Shots Repent picture from Hot Shots
Mimi and Mali at Hot Shots
Hot Shots Repent picture of Koy
Koy, Mali and Mimi at Repent Bar

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