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Jack Corbett Books proudly presents two Sensational Hardback Editions

Jack Corbett Books now offers two books in sensational 9 by 12 inch full color hardback editions. Starting with Life of an Exotic Entertainment Photographer, this new edition set what I sincerely hope will set a new standard in the book publishing industry. When I first saw and touched it I felt it was so good that I just had to equal it with still another edition of Extreme Guns and Babes for an Adult World.

Note how the hardback edition of Life of an Exotic Entertainment Photographer at 9 by 6 inches is significantly larger than the paperback edition. As printed by Kindle Direct Publishing (Amazon), both the full color paperback and hardback editions are printed on 60 weight paper vs the less expensive 40 weight in the black and white editions. Amazon KDP also uses a much more costly premium ink for the full color paperback and hardback versions of Life of an Exotic Entertainment Photographer. Either way you get over 75 full color pictures of outstanding quality. However, the hardback is less expensive, more durable and even more spectacular.

Is it hyperbole to compare both new hardback editions to the creation of an exquisite Japanese swords? I think so because I designed both or them.

On the left is the old back cover in the full color paperback edition. On the right is the new back cover for the larger hardback edition of Extreme Guns and Babes for an Adult World. The paperback editions now being replaced aren’t all that bad, but they just weren’t good enough.
And here’s the front cover with the old edition on the left and the new hardback edition on the right. Notice that the 9 by 6 inch hardback is significantly larger than the 8.5 by 5.5 inch paperbacks. This enabled me to resize the pictures in the hardback to provide more visual impact.
Which allowed me to meticulously upsize the pictures inside the book. They appear blurred here. In the books they are as sharp as all get out of exceptional quality.
On the new hardback edition back cover on the left, right cover on the far right with the book’s spine in the middle. In the near future all editions of Extreme Guns and babes for an Adult World will have these covers.

From start to finish. I chose the models. Then I took pictures of them with the finest camera lenses I could buy. Wrote all the chapters myself, which is what one would expect from any true writer.

While most writers have a publisher do all his typesetting for him, I did all of them. Sized the pictures, the captions, and created all my covers by my lonesome on Paintshop Pro and other graphics arts programs I’ve learned to use. So In my own mind I was much more than a writer, or even a photographer. Like a skilled craftsman creating a Katana from scratch, I had also started from scratch. While doing my meticulous best to create the finest books I could make.

I don’t know if I succeeded or not. That’s for you to decide. But here are my thoughts. Suppose I only wrote a book. And someone else designed the book’s covers. There is no way this someone else would do it the way I would have wanted it done. While having been an adult photographer and writer, I also learned how to use graphics arts programs like Photoshop. I did my own promo, promoting night clubs I was doing business with. Or touching up the pictures I had shot of feature entertainers. So I developed my own way of doing things. And whether I’m right or wrong, I live by the credo, “If you want to do something well, do it yourself”.

Make no mistake. Although the models are breathtaking this is a serious book for those who are very serious about firearms. These are only a quick snapshots of four pages in the hardback edition which unlike these images are of excellent quality.

So why should you visit Jack Corbett bookstore when you can buy either Extreme Guns and Babes for an Adult World or Life of an Exotic Entertainment Photographer at over 50 online bookstores all over the world?

The main reason is you are probably going to get the best price when you visit Jack Corbett Books. The reason is every book Jack has ever written is being printed by either Kindle Direct Publishing or Lulu Press. So it is important for you to buy direct from the printer than to pay a middleman his commission. Kindle Direct Publishing (Amazon) and Lulu Press are both big companies who you can trust when you use your credit card.

The third reason is you can find all of my books at Jack Corbett Books. There’s six books. But they come in 12 different editions.

Take Extreme Guns and Babes for an Adult World for Example. The new hardback edition costs $35.95, but it’s a true tour de force, a gorgeous, long lasting vinyl covered 9 by inch art work that has over 100 full color pictures inside. But I will soon be offering another hardback that will be printed by, not Amazon kdp. But it will be a lot more expensive to buy at $63.82. Then there’s a paperback full color edition that you can also buy at Amazon. And two different black and white editions, one printed by Amazon, the other by While the best deal of all is the full color Kindle edition from Amazon at $7.95.

You can also buy Life of an Exotic Entertainment Photographer from Amazon in a 9 by 6 hardback. Like the hardback editions of Extreme Guns and Babes for an Adult World, it’s a gorgeous book that a true connoisseur of books would be proud to own. But it will set you back $52.00. But you can get the same book in black and white paperback for just $16.95. Or only $9.99 in the ebook edition. There’s also a full color paperback that retails for ten dollars more than the same book in hardcover.

However, you can buy it from lulu in full color hardback for just $47.95. It’s printed on 60 weight paper BUT for this book, Lulu is using standard ink whereas the hardcover book from Amazon kdp is using the much more expensive premium ink. And to be honest, I haven’t received my author’s copy of the Lulu hardback edition so there’s no way I can compare it to the Amazon KDP, which is magnificent in every respect.

Sounds confusing? It most Certainly is, and that’s why I strongly recommend you go to my bookstore first. Then buy whatever book you want wherever you want.

You are not going to submit your credit card to Jack Corbett Books. Jack Corbett Books is like a large shopping display in a department store window. But I will be doing my best to give you the widest selection of choice of the many editions of all six of my books.

Now, I did not intend to insult those incomparable craftsmen over in Japan who are making real Katanas. These are men who are totally dedicated to their craft. Whereas there are a lot of Chinese outfits who claim they are making the real thing. I drink. I used to hang out with strippers to the almost total exclusion of all other women. And I am a jack of all trades–a photographer, a writer, a web site designer. And now I’m living a life of indolence 200 yards from the beach here in Thailand. But, like the superb sword makers from Japan every book I write, I produce each of my books by hand.

Life of an Exotic Entertainment Photographer on sale at Amazon Soon

My latest book Life of an Exotic Entertainment Photographer should be published with Amazon in about two weeks.

book cover pictures of two adult entertainers, Skie and Renee

Life of an Exotic Entertainment Photographer is all mine. I am the author. I shot the pictures for both the front and rear covers of the book.

The model on the front cover was just 21 when she drove with me to Providence Rhode Island as my photographer assistant while covering a Pure Talent Feature Showcase at Club Fantasies. I could always get the best pictures of her. She was one of the best dancers at Platinum Club. And not just that. She was sharp, and we got to know each other quite well.

The back cover girl for Life of an Exotic Entertainment Photographer was a very beautiful model as well. But you can hardly see her image on the book’s back cover as I deliberately dimmed it down. In my opinion this not only further enhances the cover. It also makes a point. You can’t quite see her. So you have no clue what she’s all about. But you will find out a lot about her when you read the book. But I don’t want to give away too much here other than to say the woman is one of the smartest women I’ve ever met. And not just smart, but so much fun to be with that I would have to put her at the very top of the class.

And that’s what the book is about. It’s about the real people behind the personas that the public sees.

The entertainers I write about were some of the best friends I ever had. And it’s because I was an exotic entertainment photographer that I got to know them so well. Some of them wrote poetry. While others were sharp as a tack when it came to learning about computers.

Those who read Life of an Exotic Entertainment Photographer will wind up having a very positive impression of the top strip club owners and managers. Who will dispel the preconceived notions the general public has of them as being shady operators selling porn and sex.

As an Exotic Entertainment Photographer I got to be good friends with a lot of very creative high powered people

who helped me become a better writer, a better photographer, and so much better at graphics arts design than I would have ever been. Had it not been for my close association with the movers and shakers of the adult entertainment world.

So as I started out saying in the first paragraph, this book is all mine. The two models were great friends of mine. I did the book covers myself. And the typesetting, page layout, and so on. The only thing I’ve not done is the final editing which I am leaving with Jeremy McTeague who was my editor while I was writing for Xtreme Magazine. Which is a magazine most of you have never heard about. But after it went full glossy, the quality of Xtreme wouldn’t take a back seat to even a Playboy. Because Xtreme’s graphics arts designers were equal to the best in the industry. It is people like them I owe so much to for setting the performance bar so high for me.

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