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The Death Wild Side back Cover

Death on the Wild Side back cover
Jack Corbett designed this back cover himself, from photographing his model, to producing the images incorporated in its layout

Each book cover was crafted personally by Jack Corbett. “The Death Wild Side” back cover in particular represents exquisite attention to detail rarely seen today. The background image of the exotic entertainer on the pole can barely be seen. Which lends an air of mystery to the entire cover. The cover girl is beautiful but she’s unknowable. Her customers will never really understand her or get to her heart.

Back cover for "Death on the Wild Side"
Note the difference between the two images of the cover girl on the novel’s front and rear covers. On the Death Wild Side back Cover she’s nearly transparent, and on the actual book itself she’s even more transparent. This subtlety is very rare. Yet it can be accomplished by someone who’s proficient in Photo Shop and similar graphics arts software. But you won’t find it in most books today because graphics artists today no matter how skilled are after all hired hands who are unwilling to give a good book the loving detail it deserves.

The author personally chose the picture that adorns the front cover of Death Wild Side out of possibly 100,000 pictures he had taken of at least two hundred topless dancers and feature entertainers. Choosing the right picture for this front cover of “Death on the Wild Side” took a considerable amount of time. The image he chose had to portray the model as a woman of mystery. And yet it had to show the cover girl as an obviously very attractive woman. The entertainer he chose as his cover girl had already taken hundreds of pictures for him. The model and author had worked together five or six times together at three different locations in three different states and rarely had she disappointed him.

But who is she? Jack’s lips remain sealed.