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Why am I doing the GOP cartoon strip?

I can’t draw so why should I even attempt doing a cartoon strip? It’s very simple. The entire reason for my doing the GOP cartoon strip is an act of unbridled patriotism. http://www.thailandlooking.com/looking/index.htm For one thing, the Republican party is not at all what it once was when it offered Americans clear alternatives to what the other party was offering. There used to be such a thing as a moderate Republican whose attitudes and views represented a mainstream America in which either a moderate Republican or a moderate Democrat was often willing to vote for either party depending on which party seemed to have the most qualified candidate. I remember not many years ago watching a debate between the conservative commentator and writer, William Buckley, and Norman Mailer. In my judgment the debate was no contest with the conservative,Buckley, winning over his much more liberal opponent. Today, there are no more William Buckleys. Today’s GOP makers and shakers are comprised of the likes of political candidates such as Sarah Palin, Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, Herman Cain, Christine O’Donnel many of whom probably cannot even place Iceland on a map. Meanwhile the Bill Buckley’s have given way to such pundits as the Sean Hannidys and Glenn Becks of Fox News, and the likes of radio talk show kings of venom as Michael Savage and Rush Limbaugh. Ronald Reagan, who was once considered to be an ultra conservative would be considered to be an ultra liberal in today’s Republican party . Since those days the Republican Party has been hijacked by a right wing that refuses to acknowledge that climate change could even possibly be man made while catering to Christian evangelism as it preaches either Creationism or Intelligent Design (which amounts to the same thing) as the origins of the human species rather than evolution. Things haven’t been this bad since the glory days of the Spanish Inquisition when they used to burn witches. The GOP has even found its own propaganda machine of enormous power and influence in Fox News. It has dedicated itself to defeating Barrack Obama from the first day he took office while denying that it was the policies of President Bush that caused the great recession. The GOP blamed today’s huge deficits entirely on Obama while it conveniently forgot that Bill Clinton handed William Busch a balanced budget which the Republicans blew into an out of control deficit by starting two wars while implementing not one but two tax decreases to pay for them just for starters. To a man, the Republican party has tried to block every Obama initiative at every turn, in a relentless and uncompromising effort to ensure his failure just so it can win the next election. I see this not just as an ongoing attack on our president but upon the United States itself. By doing everything in its power to destroy everything our president is doing just to make itself look good, the GOP is guilty of treason. After all isn’t doing everything in your power to ensure that the nation fails, treason? It is treason, especially when the nation is on a perilous perch overseeing a Great Recession that is on the verge of becoming a Great Depression far more traumatic and longer lasting than what the world experienced during the 1930’s.

Adolf Hitler had his Joseph Goebbels heading his powerful propaganda machine. The GOP and its new ultra conservative base has its Fox News, which is arguably even more influential than anything the Nazis ever were able to deploy because of the huge technological advantages possessed by television and the internet. So far the Ultra Conservatives, the GOP and Fox News are winning by being able to shape public opinion to their way of thinking. Unfortunately I have utterly no talent whatsoever at drawing. When I submitted my fifth Dick Fitswell short story to Jeremy McTeague who was then my editor over at Extreme Magazine Jeremy asked me to try to create a cartoon, and when I told Jeremy I absolutely could not draw, he asked me to try anyway. And so I did, and after trying my best Jeremy sent me an email that said, “You are right, Jack. You cannot draw.” The cartoon I had sent Xtreme was never published. But here I am again, creating cartoons when I know I am completely devoid of talent. But I must do what I can even if it’s to influence just one person that Fox News and the GOP are as dishonest and spiritually bankrupt as it gets.