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Why are Thai Women Sexy?

Why are Thai women sexy?  There’s two reasons.  The first is, they want to be women, not men.  The second reason we are not sure of, although we can hazard a few guesses. But certainly we can say that Thai women are physically superior to Western women for whatever reason.

Thai Women Sexy
Why are Thai women sexy? To a sloth a sloth is sexy. And it is certainly a fact that many men like fat women. But I believe that the pickings are so slim that many men will go with fat women in their home countries because they believe they can’t find anything better. Now I’ve met a young guy or two who come to Pattaya who like their Thai women large. But overall, almost any man who comes to Thailand can have his pick of the litter. Most men will choose a slender girl over a fat one. And a young girl over a much older woman.

This is a fact although this fact might be arguable. The picture is of a sloth and to a sloth this sloth is sexy. It might be that a woman with the body of a sloth might be sexy to some men as well.   And it could very well be that some men prefer fat women. For those who do we advise you to leave immediately.  And go to a fat women’s web site. For those who don’t, please read on.

Thai Women Sexy
Why are Thai women sexy?   They love being seen as “Cute as a button” for one thing.

My first point is Thai women want to look and to behave like women whereas most Western women want to be men.  So why are Thai women sexy?  Their wanting to be feminine is one of the most important reasons of all.

Just take a look at many of today’s action movies. Do you see women behaving like men or like women?

Compare such modern day movies to say “King Kong” where Jessica Lange played the object of King Kong’s affections. That was back in 1976. That was thirty-six years ago and Jessica Lange was one helluva babe. As for King Kong, who could argue with his manliness and strength. Certainly Jessica lange, the female protagonist in the movie could not begin to match King Kong’s great strength, courage and other male virtues.

Jessica Lange in Kong Kong’s hand. Jessica is vulnerable, defenseless. While King Kong becomes her protector and guardian.

Jessica Lange is feminine, weak, and beautiful and as such she appealed immensely to the courageous, virile King Kong. Now let us advance the time frame ten years to “Aliens” starring Sigourney Weaver. The vulnerable feminine Jessica Lange has just been replaced by super heroine Sigourney Weaver who is smarter and stronger than all the men.

Sigourney Weaver is a fine actress who can play feminine roles, but that’s not my point. In Aliens she plays the super hero. In which she’s smarter and tougher than all the men.

And so the stage changed with women playing roles where they can fight as well or better than men who they can usually out think at every turn as well.

For better or worse what has emerged is a new breed of action hero and women have sought this as their role model.

My favorite girl from Super Girls.   From a few years ago.  She might be wearing jeans,  but she was wearing high heels.  She’s around five feet four.  Which is about average for an American woman.  And she weighed around 100 pounds.  Her American counterpart who’s also five foot four will weigh around 170 pounds.

Meanwhile Thai women have been content to be just women. And I should know as I am on my fourth and hopefully my last Thai girlfriend.  At 95 pounds she doesn’t even pretend to be able to match my physical strength. She enjoys going out shopping for new clothes, hats and shoes. But never mind….such things are cheap here. And for the most part she uses her own money.

The girl works as a “pro” on Soi Six. But notice. She’s wearing high heels. If I recall she’s about 100 pounds and she’s about five foot three or four.  She has a very pretty face.  But I’ve cartoonized it to protect her identity.

And after she’s bought something she will revel in looking at herself in front of a full length mirror (notice how I wrote full length mirror) which she can use not to view just her head but her entire body from her feet upwards. She will then oftentimes model other garments and ask me which I like the best or if she’s sexy or not.

The clothing is well styled and it’s well suited for showing off a girl’s figure. Very seldom will you ever see a Thai woman wearing a suit. You will not find them wearing gunny sacks either or extra large body bags,colored black, to hide most of their bodies.

Why are Thai women sexy? Aside from dressing well and wanting to behave like women instead of men, they eat a lot of spicy food that keeps their metabolism up and their figures trim and tight.

Thai women revel in showing off their trim little figures. They love wearing high heels, which everyone knows are a pain to walk in, but they like the high heels and the higher the better because they know that high heels gives them a longer legged and lankier figure which makes them look as tall as possible.

Very seldom will you find Thai women wearing U.S. or Thai army fatigues because they think they look cool wearing them. They are well dressed even when they do down to the beach. Style is everything and appearing like a man just doesn’t get it.

My next point is Thai women simply have much more beautiful bodies. They are slim and they have tight little butts, which is something that is more rare than gold these days in a Western woman.

Why are Thai Women Sexy?  The girl on the left is quite slender and on the tall side. But notice the girl over to the right. Look at how well she’s dressed, and I took this picture at a beer bar.  As I keep saying, Thai girls revel in being women.  They dress well and spend lots of time dressing up to show themselves off as desirable women.

My girlfriend tells me part of the reason for this is all the spicy food they eat. She’s right. I just looked up chili peppers and spicy food on the Internet which verifies much of what she’s told me. Thais eat spicy food and chili peppers to excess.  And I will tell you this, when you eat food as spicy as my girlfriend likes it you will sweat a lot. Your metabolism goes up and that causes a person to lose weight. Furthermore

Why are Thai women sexy?  For one thing Thais do not view eating out as driving their cars up to a McDonalds window where they won’t have to walk more than forty feet to get into their cars in the first place. And they don’t keep frozen pizzas in their fridge either.

I’ve been living here for six years now and although I have a full sized kitchen with every amenity I want, I still don’t have an oven that we can use for cooking pizzas and other heath robbing meals.

For all I know you might be into sloths but for most of us who want women who act like and look like women Western countries such as the United States forgot a long time ago what it means to have a good body or what it means to act like a woman. It is no wonder why virtual sex has become so popular in the West or why there’s a do it myself revival. If you want the real thing, however, you had better be coming to Asia where women still have the bodies and attitudes of women. And here the sexiest women of them all are the Thai women.

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