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It appears on most of my web pages as a relatively large toolbar just beneath the hit counters. And it works just like the Google Search engine all of us are so familiar with. The reason it works the same is that it is, except for two important differences. 1. To access it, you must be on one of my web pages and you go to the actual web page itself to use it, and 2. It focuses primarily upon content. And believe me there’s a lot of content there. Just consider that Alphapro has been in existence non stop since 1996. That’s 17 years.

The video slide show I just put up at Alphapro alerted me to just how valuable this Google tool bar is to those who are interested in the content at alphapro. For example, Big Howard, who was assistant manager at the Dollies Playhouse, is one of the predominant characters in the slide show and so is Alabama who plays the irrepressible topless nun, Sister Margarita. To some upon viewing Howard apparently sucking on one of Diamond’s breasts in the Dollies restroom Big Howard might be a despicable degenerate. But Big Howard was in real life a gentle giant who was beloved by most of the strippers who worked for him. He also became one of my best friends. For those who want to know more about Big Howard, just plug in “Big Howard” as search words in the Alphapro Google tool bar and you will come up with a lot of amusing content that’s focused on him. There’s pictures of Howard playing the pervert with Dollies strippers on one of the club’s back stages. There’s Big Howard playing the part of Studmuffin. I’ll not even try to explain what studmuffin means here. Just look it up in the Google tool bar. Or how about Alabama or Marilyn Mynxxx, the two strippers playing the two nuns, Sister Cuervo and Sister Margarita? There’s a lot of good stuff at Alphapro about both women.

I actually had more fun in the U.S. back in 1997 and 1998 than I do here in Pattaya, Thailand which has to be about the most fun city in the world. Much of the reason was because of people like Big Howard, Alabama and Marilyn Mynxxx. A lot of it had to do with the strip clubs I hung out in, especially Dollies Playhouse. Back then, all the great entertainment and bars were not in St. Louis. Why? For one thing the bars all closed across the Mississippi over in Missouri at 1 a.m. whereas many of the bars and night clubs on the Illinois side of the river stayed open all night long. And the Missouri strip clubs were pretty milk toast compared to those in the St. Louis Metro East on the Illinois side. And back when I was hanging out at Dollies using it for my favorite neighborhood tavern, I often hung out with three strippers, and all three of them would stay at the same hotel. At the end of their shifts, which would usually run between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. I’d often continue my drinking and partying with one of these three strippers and when we finally hit a few clubs and bars and got all tired out, I’d stay in the room with her, paying her half the $40.00 she had to spend for each night. Back in 1997 I was still living at my farm which was 75 miles from such clubs as Dollies whereas the hotel was just three miles away. Later I’d move off the farm and get an apartment on the St. Louis East side that was just one mile from the hotel.

But there were many other strippers I often hung out with. As for the East side, and the people I hung out with, and even the hotel itself, much as changed. The hotel is no longer there. Instead there’s a large complex of restaurants and shops headed by a Super Wall Mart and a Home Depot. And Big Howard’s no longer alive. He was badly injured driving his car from Killians, his favorite bar when he was struck by a woman who had just lost control of her car because she was being beaten up on by her boyfriend. He wound up in a wheelchair and died a couple of years later from his injuries.

Ironically, Dollies and my experiences there had their heyday while it was being run by a murderer. When I first started doing my digital pictures there and the club started paying for a separate phone line for my digital office, the club’s general manager was Hawk, and Hawk was a wonderful person and a terrific manager. (look him up in my Google toolbar at alphapro). Hawk was a biker I suppose and he was friends with Marriah one of the strippers at Dollies. Marriah had become a great friend of mine so it wasn’t long before Marriah started pestering Hawk to allow me to bring my laptop into the club and start taking pictures there. Hawk was a smart guy who knew intuitively that the future of photography would be digital. It was his idea that the club should put in a special phone line for me and that I’d have my own special seat and table just five feet from the club’s main stage. But it was left for one of the club’s strippers, Satin, and me to run all the phone wires up in the club’s attic where I put in a t connection so that I could connect my laptop to a phone line in the front room by the stage and also another connecting line in the club’s new room in back. Later Hawk would have me take Satin to Big Als in Peoria, Illinois so that he could enter her in the Miss Nudes Illinois competition there representing Dollies. I remember Hawk telling me, “If I can’t get the club to pay your hotel and other travel expenses, I pay them out of my own pocket.” But Hawk got the club owner to pay Satin’s and my expenses in Peoria. What many of us suspected by then was that the owner was a killer.

It was Marriah who first alerted me that Nathan Eggemeyer had undoubtedly murdered his partner, Steven Masters. The second person who suggested the possibility was Hawk when he politely came of to my little table in front of the stage while I was playing with my laptop and asked me to come into his office with him. “Can you help me find out what happened to Steve?” Hawk asked me. No one’s seen him for weeks but they found his pickup.” By then I already suspected that Steve was dead, thanks to Marriah. Hawk undoubtedly did as well.

“Perhaps you can use your internet skills and connections to find out for me,” said Hawk.

But they actually found Steve’s body around a year later. The two men had been partners, and one of them felt the other had cheated him. Nathan shot Masters on a property he owned where he had a trucking company. But the body was not found until Nathan’s son came to the police. In the meantime, business went on as usual at Dollies. Nathan would come into the club every now and then. But he let Hawk run the place with very little interference. Hawk had several managers working under him, and both men would often enthusiastically play roles in our internet online skits. For that matter, so did Hawk, who played the “unsuspecting club manager” in the first Dollies Trendy Toilet Sex” episode when Sister Margarita, an “intoxicated nun” wandered by mistake into a strip club to relieve her bowels.

Everything went so smoothly in those days. Hawk was left alone. And he kept coming up with great ideas on how the club could attract more customers than ever. As for myself, I was allowed to take pictures with complete abandon. But after the body was found, Nathan was out of the picture after finding a new home in the penitentiary. Hawk found himself more and more on the outside looking in as the murdered club owner’s widow started taking a more active interest in running the club. My picture taking activities became increasingly restricted and eventually I was barred from the club for bringing leaches into the place which I had awarded to Alabama’s boyfriend for being the Lost Angels Leach of the Year. Even so I remained great friends with Big Howard, not to mention a number of the Dollies dancers. But being kicked out of the club meant that I had to find another digital office where I could find a number of strippers to be my accomplices. That club would be Visions in Centerville, Illinois.

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