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Jack Corbett search engine Alpha Productions Google

The Jack Corbett search engine is a custom Alpha Productions Google tool bar that prioritizes 20 years of Jack’s adult entertainment web pages.   And over 12 years of Jack’s misadventures living as an expat in Thailand.

This Jack Corbett search engine appears at the bottom of most of my Alpha Productions web pages as a large toolbar.  And it works just like the Google Search engine all of us are so familiar with. The reason it works the same is that it really is.   Except for two important differences. 1. To access it, you must be on one of my Alpha Productions web pages.  And 2.  It focuses  upon my content. And believe me there’s a lot of content at Alpha Productions.  Just consider that Alpha Productions has been in existence non stop since 1996. That’s 22 years.  Who else in adult entertainment has been on the Internet this long?

Why the Jack Corbett search engine is so invaluable

This Alpha Productions Google tool bar enables you to zero in the Alpha Productions web site in minute detail.

For instance, the video slide show I just put up at Alpha Productions alerted me to just how valuable this Google tool bar is to those who are interested in the content at Alpha Productions.  For example, Big Howard, who was assistant manager at the Dollies Playhouse, is one of the predominant characters in the slide show.  And so is Alabama who plays the irrepressible topless nun, Sister Margarita.

Jack Corbett Search
Taking Dollies Playhouse alone, there’s hundreds of funny pictures like this not to mention cartoons, whacky stories, etc you will probably never find unless you use the Jack Corbett Search Engine Alpha Productions Google toolbar.

Upon viewing Howard  sucking one of Diamond’s breasts in the Dollies Playhouse restroom a lot of people would perceive Big Howard as a despicable degenerate.  But Big Howard was in real life a gentle giant.   Most of the strippers who worked for him loved Big Howard to death.  Big Howard also became one of my best friends.

For those who want to know more about Big Howard, just plug in “Big Howard” as search words in the Alpha Productions Google tool bar.    You will be surprised at how much amusing content focuses on him.  There’s pictures of Howard playing the pervert with Dollies strippers on one of the club’s back stages. There’s Big Howard playing the part of Studmuffin. I’ll not even try to explain what studmuffin means here. Just look it up in the Google tool bar. Or how about Alabama or Marilyn Mynxxx.  The two strippers playing the two nuns, Sister Cuervo and Sister Margarita.  There’s a lot of good stuff at Alpha Productions about both women.

I actually had more fun in the U.S. back in 1997 and 1998 than I do here in Pattaya, Thailand which has to be about the most fun city in the world.

Jack Corbett search
Here’s Marilyn Mynxxx playing Sister Cuervo as she’s spanking Selena. Both girls were strippers at Dollies Playhouse in Washington Park, Illinois.  There are a lot more pictures here at Alpha Productions of both Marilyn Mynxxx and Alabama who play the roles of nuns at Dollies.  But you really need to use the Jack Corbett Search Engine Alpha Productions Google tool bar to find them.

Much of the reason was because of people like Big Howard, Alabama and Marilyn Mynxxx. A lot of it had to do with the strip clubs I hung out in, especially Dollies Playhouse. Back then, all the great entertainment and bars were not in St. Louis.  Why? For one thing the bars all closed across the Mississippi over in Missouri at 1 a.m. Whereas many of the bars and night clubs on the Illinois side of the river stayed open all night long.  And the Missouri strip clubs were pretty milk toast compared to those in the St. Louis Metro East on the Illinois side.

Back when I was hanging out at Dollies using it for my favorite neighborhood tavern, I often hung out with three strippers, and all three of them would stay at the same hotel.

At the end of their shifts, which would usually run between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. I’d often continue my drinking and partying with one of these three strippers.   And after the stripper and I  hit a few clubs and bars and got all tired out, I’d stay in the room with her.  Paying her half the $40.00 she had to spend for each night for her room.  Which was a godsend to me because back in 1997 I was still living at my farm.  Which was 75 miles from such clubs as Dollies whereas the hotel was just three miles away.   Later I moved off the farm to an apartment on the St. Louis East side that was just one mile from the hotel.

But there were many other strippers I often hung out with.  As for the East side,  the people I hung out with, and the hotel itself, much as changed.  The hotel is no longer there.  A large complex of restaurants and shops headed by a Super Wall Mart and a Home Depot has replaced it.  And Big Howard’s no longer alive.  A woman lost control of her car after being beaten up by her boyfriend as Howard was leaving Killians, his favorite bar.  The collision put Big Howard into a wheelchair.  Big Howard died a couple years later from his injuries.

Ironically a murderer was running Dollies Playhouse for an entire year while the club and I were having our best of times together

I  first started doing my digital pictures at Dollies.  Which was over 20 years ago.  I don’t think anyone was doing digital photography in strip clubs back then.  So I was just about the only game in town.  The club’s general manager was Hawk.  Hawk was a wonderful person and a terrific manager. (look him up in my Google toolbar at Alpha Productions).

Jack Corbett search would get this picture faster
Hawk and Alabama in the first episode of the Dollies Trendy Toilet internet series. Alabama is playing Sister Margarita, a nun who wanders into Dollies Playhouse to take a dump. Hawk the club manager doesn’t realize a woman’s in the toilet, let alone a nun. Hawk was an exceptional manager who realized he could get Dollies to be one of the absolute most popular clubs in the United States. He was quick to showcase how much fun a club like Dollies could be. He entered Satin in the Big Als Miss Nude Illinois Pageant. It’s too bad that he was working for a murderer, and that once the murderer was arrested, his days as general manager would be numbered.  The Jack Corbett Search Engine will take you to a lot of entertaining web pages here at Alpha Productions.

Hawk was a biker I suppose and he was friends with Marriah, one of the strippers at Dollies.

Marriah had become a great friend of mine. So it wasn’t long before Marriah started pestering Hawk to allow me to start taking pictures at Dollies and bring my laptop into the club. Now Hawk was a smart guy who knew intuitively that the future of photography would be digital. It was Hawk’s idea that the club should put in a special phone line for me.  And that I’d have my own special seat and table just five feet from the club’s main stage.

But it was left for one of the club’s strippers, Satin, and me to run all the phone wires up in the club’s attic.  Where we put in a connection so that I could connect my laptop to a phone line  by the stage.  Later Hawk would have me take Satin to Big Als in Peoria, Illinois to enter her in the Miss Nudes Illinois competition there representing Dollies.

I remember Hawk telling me, “If I can’t get the club to pay your hotel and other travel expenses, I will pay them out of my own pocket.” But Hawk got the club owner to pay Satin’s and my expenses in Peoria.

By now many of us suspected  that the owner of Dollies Playhouse was a killer who had murdered his partner.

Jack Corbett search engine
Marriah is on the far right. On the far left is Jade. To Jade’s right is Dirt who created over 100 cartoons for Alpha Productions. In the middle is Satin. Notice that everyone’s wearing special Alpha Productions jackets. Each jacket has the person’s nickname, stage name, etc on it. The Alpha Productions emblem, the Alpha Wolf, and the web site address on it. As we used to say in those days, “We are the only Game in Town”. And we were.
One of Dirt’s last cartoons in the Death on the Wild Side cartoon strip. Actually it was Marriah who wrote the script several cartoon strips back. It was her idea to capture the abusive male as the dickhead in this cartoon. And it was Marriah’s idea to introduce the Dominatrix. But after that Dirt took Marriah’s concept and ran with it.   The Jack Corbett search engine will find a lot of treasures such as this on the Alpha Productions web site.

It was Marriah who first alerted me that NathanEggemeyer had undoubtedly murdered his partner, Steven Masters. The second person who suggested the possibility was Hawk when he politely  asked me to come into his office with him.

“Can you help me find out what happened to Steve?” Hawk asked me. No one’s seen him for weeks but they found his pickup.” By then I already suspected that Steve was dead, thanks to Marriah cluing me in.  Hawk undoubtedly suspected foul play as well.

“Perhaps you can use your internet skills and connections to find out for me,” said Hawk.

But they didn’t find Steve’s body until a year later. Nathan and Steve had been partners, and one of them felt the other had cheated him.

Nathan shot Masters on a property he owned where he had a trucking company. But the body was not found until Nathan’s son came to the police. In the meantime, business went on as usual at Dollies. Nathan would come into the club every now and then.  But Nathan let Hawk run the place with very little interference. Hawk had several managers working under him, and both men would often enthusiastically play roles in our internet online skits.

For that matter, so did Hawk, who played the “unsuspecting club manager” in the first Dollies Trendy Toilet Sex” episode when Sister Margarita, an “intoxicated nun” wandered by mistake into a strip club to relieve her bowels.

Everything went so smoothly in those days. Hawk was left alone. And he kept coming up with great ideas on how the club could attract more customers than ever.

While I was allowed to take pictures with complete abandon. But after the body was found, Nathan was out of the picture.   After finding a new home in the penitentiary.  Hawk found himself more and more on the outside looking in as Steve’s widow started taking a more active interest in  the club.  The club started to severely restrict my picture taking activities.  And I was barred from the club for bringing leaches into Dollies which I had awarded to Alabama’s boyfriend for being the Lost Angels Leach of the Year.

Even so I remained great friends with Big Howard, not to mention a number of the Dollies dancers. But being kicked out of the club meant that I had to find another digital office where I could find a number of strippers to be my accomplices. That club would be Visions in Centerville, Illinois.

The possibilities for using the Jack Corbett search engine Alpha Productions Google tool bar are endless

Just look at all those links I’ve used here.  If I didn’t link all those separate Alpha Productions web pages, chances are you could never find them.   You would not have much luck using the regular Google search engine.  This is because too many inferior web sites keep popping up.  Or web sites that have absolutely nothing to do with what you are looking for.  But the custom Alpha Productions Google search tool bar Jack Corbett search engine focuses mostly on the 20 plus years of Alpha Production.  And the more than 1000 web pages that comprise the Alpha Productions web site.

Photographing naked women–When is enough enough?

Ideally photographing naked women can be pure art.  As much as a Rodin sculpting the perfect body of a nude goddess.  But where should such nudity end?

Shooting pictures of fully naked women came with the territory. About every two months I’d be driving somewhere new in the United States to cover the Pure Talent Agency’s feature showcases. Which I won’t describe here because I’ve already covered them at Amazon.com where you can buy my latest book.   Extreme Guns and Babes for an Adult World.   But you have to buy the book to find out.


For example, I traveled to Providence Rhode Island to shoot hundreds of pictures a night at Club Fantasies for Pure Talent while staying in the same hotel as the feature entertainers who were performing in the showcase. Three times I’d travel to Big Al’s in Peoria, Illinois to shoot Pure Talent feature showcases. I did at least one showcase at the Lumberyard Strip Club in Des Moines, Ia. (The place really is an adult night club). Later I’d return to cover Miss Nude World at the Lumberyard, and after that I’ve lost count of how many times I’d come back to cover numerous adult events such as SPEW (Sexy Professional Exotic Wrestling) for Big Daddy and Big Mike (the Lumberyard’s G.M.) There would be a feature showcase at Lafayette, Indiana for the Continental Agency, two feature showcases for Pure Talent at the Candy Store in Mobile, Alabama, two more feature showcases for Pure Talent in Philadelphia and Baltimore, and so on. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s no telling how many digital pictures I wound up taking, but it’s has to be 100,000 or so, and after shooting the Rhode Island Showcase I turned in my Canon G-2 digital camera for the Nikon D-1 X, Nikon’s top of the line professional camera which set me back over $5000 for the camera body plus another $1300 for my favorite lens. By then I had decided that within the limits of what I could afford the women I was shooting deserved the best. Furthermore I was shooting for Pure Talent while writing for Xtreme Magazine, and I was doing professional work with an amateur camera which I felt was like bringing a BB gun to a gun fight. The Nikon D-1 X with the lens I had gotten could easily deliver over 1000 pictures a night at a quality level the other photographers around me could not match. That lens was so fine that even today I marvel at how it was able to produce a Three D effect. The entertainers seemed to literally be jumping out of their backgrounds. Lesser lenses simply wouldn’t do it. During all of this I met so many naked ladies that I cannot begin to count them. Such superior results came not because I was the superior photographer. It simply took a lot longer for other professional photographers to catch up. Several of them were having their equipment provided by the magazines they were shooting for and it took awhile for such magazines to catch onto the fact that shooting with film simply was no longer competitive. Photographers shooting next to me had to keep reloading their expensive Nikon film cameras while I was able to shoot over two hundred pictures before I had to pull my memory card out and put a new one in, a process that took less than 10 seconds. Other photographers covering the same events I was covering were using lesser cameras than the D-1 X that were fitted with cheaper lenses. Even today, I can tell a big difference between the heavy 28-70 mm Silent Wave Nikon lens and my much newer 18 by 200 mm Nikon that has anti vibration and all the other bells and whistles that retails for around $600.

And now, with my publishing Extreme Guns and Babes for an Adult World, once again the question has come up over how much nudity I should allow in the pictures I was publishing?

Sculpture of Venus by Rodin.  So what difference is there really between a master like Rodin sculpting the beautiful female form and Photographing naked women? Both can be pure art.  With the intention of depicting the ideal female form.

For me, the naked female body can be a beautiful thing. While photographing naked women can be an artistic accomplishment that depicts what women should strive for.  If they want to be sexy.    But during the past thirty years or so the average American has put on over 25 pounds, and although the guys compose part of this average the women have been even worse. Meanwhile clothing styles have evolved into what I will call the gunnysack cut. For men most of whom have pot bellies once they reach a certain age and fat behinds, this amounts to a lot of extra material in the legs and seats of their pants. For women, garments have evolved into gunny sacks of shapeless cut. Oftentimes they are called suits. But make no mistake, these “suits” were designed to hide the human body. But for those who’ve got it, it’s best to flaunt it. So show it off if you’ve got a nice trim waist or finely sculpted back muscles (Leah Layne comes to mind here who I’ve featured with the Tec 9). As for naked breasts, if they look nice show them for God’s sake. Most people wouldn’t shirk away at all from a woman who’s breast feeding her baby in public. But for a stripper to expose her breasts on stage, that’s bad. And why is it bad? It’s bad because strip clubs are bad evil places in the eyes of many people. But which is really more beautiful, a trim naked stripper showing off a pair of nicely formed breasts or a woman who’s recently been pregnant, pulling her breasts out of her bloated body to give milk to her baby? If you ask me the reason so many are offended when a stripper shows off her body, is jealousy compounded by the fact that whenever a prettier, more physically attractive woman shows off her well proportioned body, that act of displaying her beautiful body acts as a sad reminder of the far less attractive woman’s shortcomings. So, for those who appreciate real beauty in the female body, nakedness is good while wearing gunnysacks amounts to a huge cover up for all the bad habits the Western world has gotten into these past thirty years such as gluttony, unwillingness to exercise, too much drinking, and the denial of what one has become. But now that I’ve said all of that, I’ll also contend that too much of a good thing is just too much.

Even today now that I’m living in Pattaya, Thailand which probably has the largest number of the best looking women in the whole world, if you were to take me into six Pattaya go go bars, a couple of my friends might be inclined to say that two of them are good because the go-go dancers are completely naked whereas the other four are just so-so because the women are partially clothed. But I could care less because I’m far more concerned with how beautiful the women are, are they friendly or not friendly, will I be treated as a number or are at least some of the girls more willing to put in a better effort to get to know me just a little, even if ultimately their bottom line goal is to make as much money off of me as they can. The same was true in all the American clubs I used to visit. In the U.S. not only was it important for a club to have good looking women, it was equally important for me to establish some kind of meaningful rapport with at least one of the girls. In the course of establishing such a rapport I’d start to look at the women as much more than strippers taking off their clothes–I’d look at them as real people who I either really liked, despised or was ambivalent about.

At Nudes-A-Poppin all 100 of the female contestants would be roaming around the outdoor nude beauty pageant completely naked. Here I’d first meet Dirty Heather, Darien Ross, Pleasure and Pain, Leah Layne, and Amy, all six of whom would later be featured in my Extreme Guns and Babes for an Adult World articles. The thing about Nudes-A-Poppin is that after a few hours and definitely by the second day all that nudity started to get a little too overwhelming and one would find oneself once again wishing to find women wearing at least some clothing. The problem was that any slight physical defect in a contestant’s naked body would detract from her overall sexuality. The whole thing would start to become just a little too clinical. The other thing that started to bother me about shooting women in the nude was when the nudity started to go just a little too far.

My personal feeling on the subject is that a woman’s privates should remain private. Now I really don’t have any problems shooting pictures of naked women from a distance or in such a manner that her private areas do not appear in the pictures. Here I must draw a distinction between showcasing a picture of the most exquisitely formed breasts and all those vaginal shots that get so much attention in practically all porn. A sculpture of a naked Venus by a Rodin or Michelangelo would be considered art while I’d consider a picture that displays a woman’s privates while she’s playing with a dildo to be grotesque. Such pictures diminish the real woman lurking inside the body that’s showing off its most intimate areas. As for ass shots, I see nothing wrong with taking pictures of a woman’s ass so long as the picture suggests only that her body is very beautiful rather than showing something else, that is the stuff of porn.

Once in awhile I’d be called upon to shoot pictures of an entertainer who’s sticking a dildo up her private areas. I can’t say that I was actually disgusted by someone doing a show that featured weird tricks with a dildo, but I was at least more than a little bored by doing those kinds of pictures. The same would be true about shooting pictures of women having oral sex during a shower show. Once again, I felt that those kinds of pictures diminish the women who whether they are pretending to get it on in during the shower show or really getting into doing the real thing. In fact this is exactly what happened that weekend when Lolly Topps and her boyfriend visited me during a photo shoot I was doing of her for the SKS Xtreme Magazine article. After doing the shoot with Lolly Topps posing with Vic Meyer’s SKS the three of us had dinner together and then I took them to one of my favorite St. Louis Metro East strip clubs. Danny and I were talking and enjoying our beers together when Lolly Topp came back from visiting the club’s restroom fuming. Lollytops announced to both of us that one of the club’s customers had tried to grab her breasts and that she had almost slugged the man on the spot. A few minutes later two of the club’s naked entertainers started to practice cunnilingus on each other in a shower show as the club’s male customers cheered them on. Lollytopps kept repeating over and over to us, “I can’t believe this. I’ve never seen anything like that done in a club before.”

Plainly Lolly Tops was just flat out disgusted. Yet how many times had I taken nude pictures of her? And while being announced at Club Maximus while competing for MS. Texas, not to mention at other adult events the M.C. would be announcing Lolly’s credits including her being a porn star. When? I’d like to know because if I can imagine Lolly Tops doing porn at all it would probably have to be with her boyfriend alone in a bathtub filled to the brim with bubbles as they proceeded to sail a little toy boat back and forth in between the bubbles.

I got to know Lolly pretty well, and whenever I was around her I’d get the most wonderful vibes that I rarely ever felt when I was around a woman. I’m not sure but I think it was during the Miss Nude World pageant that I fell asleep in Lolly Topps room for a few minutes while she quietly talked with one of the other entertainers. She was just good people and that’s the best explanation I can give of her.

I really don’t know what Lolly Topps is doing right now. I’ve been living in Thailand for seven years now. And although I talked just three days ago with Arianna a Del on Skye I doubt if Arianna could tell me what Montana Steel is up to even though both women are from Louisville and that when I first became acquainted with them they were rooming together in a hotel room Big Al was paying for during a Pure Talent Feature Showcase. But I had gotten to know Montana as a very intelligent personable woman who was as common, ordinary and unpretentious as they come. I sure don’t want to be publishing any pictures of Montana where men can gawk at the display of her privates. And so it goes. As a group these were some of the finest women I’ve ever gotten to meet. It’s been a real privilege to work with them on the Extreme Magazine photo shoots not to mention all the other times we got to work together.

So here we are. There are now three distinct versions of Extreme Guns and Babes for an Adult World. Although I’ve already mentioned that I tamed some of the pictures down in order to attract a wider readership, I’ve eliminated the display of a woman’s privates out of respect for both myself and the women who did such an outstanding job in the photo shoots. And I’ve gone even further by covering up all shots of a woman’s breasts even though I have no personal problems displaying them. What I wanted was for the totality of my models’ overall attractiveness to shine in the pictures in a book that will hopefully be around for a long time. Because if I can, if I ever had the talent to do it, I’d prefer for this book to later on be considered as pure art.