Oldie but goodie Sexy Pattaya Drinking Street Bar Video

Now with sound, Drinking Street Gang of Seven beer bar dancers, sizzling Kwan, Pulsating Mam, return to continue the action started in my four books books, “Death on the Wild Side”, “Welcome to the Fun House, “Dick Fitswell”, and “Extreme Guns and Babes” available at Amazon.com”>

I have put this video up on you tube many months ago when I was first getting to know Kwann and Mam when they were both dancing at the Frog Bar on Pattaya’s Drinking Street. However I recently learned that I had been red-flagged for possible copyright violation resulting in You Tube’s striking the entire audio track for the whole video. Without sound this video was ruined. I don’t think I ever violated anyone’s copyright for the audio in my video as the audio was only the background music being played throughout the Drinking Street Beer Bar complex. Certainly the quality of this background music was not up to original source material due to its being picked up in the small LX-5 camera’s tiny microphone. Therefore it’s not commercially viable, and I wasn’t selling the video anyway. I finally decided to delete the existing video from the You Tube server and to replace it with a drastically reworked version of the old video. It’s only about 6 and a half minutes long now and the background music that triggered you tube’s censurers has now been chopped in little bits and pieces.

I have also plugged four of my books in this video. I’ve got close to 1.4 million views on You Tube for my videos. Many of them are well liked so why not? If someone likes the video, there’s an excellent chance he might enjoy reading one of my books and I really don’t think the connection has been made that the producer of all these videos is also a published writer.

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