Japanese wanting cheaper go-go girls on Pattaya Walking Street

Tired of go-go dancers wanting 1000-1500 baht bar fines and 2000 short time sex?  Japanese wanting cheaper go-go girls read on.

Japanese wanting cheaper go-go girls
Japanese wanting cheaper go-go girls need to continue reading this article in its entirety. They might be getting respect from their colleagues. But the rest of us have zero respect for a man who throws his money around.

In fact, I would be very angry about the way I’m being treated in the Walking Street go-go bars and the kinds of things the girls might be saying about me.

So here’s what I’d do if I were Japanese.

Or anyone with the slightest degree of self respect who wants to have the best possible time at reasonable prices.  But if you are Japanese and you are reading this, you will want to know what people are saying about you.  So that you can change the negative perceptions that  Thais have of Japanese men who frequent go-go bars.  I can say with utmost certainty that Japanese wanting cheaper go-go girls are going to get a lot more respect from Thai go go dancers than the Japanese who cave into their outrageous demands for more and more money.

First off there’s the old three point saying Europeans keep repeating to each other that goes around about Japanese tourists here in Pattaya:  “(1)  2 inches, (2) 5000 baht, (3) thirty seconds.” Let me first of all comment on the subject of 2 inch dicks.

Personally I don’t care if the average Japanese man, Thai man, Australian or whoever has a 2 inch or even a 12 inch dick. But I’d suggest that most men regardless of race have approximately the same size of penis as most other men regardless of nationality or race and that any variances are due to individual differences that have absolutely nothing to do with what country a man’s from.

Such comments are scornful.  But there it is.   People are still making these comments.  And it’s all because Japanese  behavior in  Pattaya’s go-go bar that breeds disrespect.

I know a Soi Six girl quite well who used to work at Bacchara, a go go bar on Walking Street.  When I asked her her much Japanese men typically paid for sex with go-go dancers,  she made the following comments. “They pay 1000 to 5000 baht for short time and THEY HAVE SMALL DICKS.

The only problem with this is months ago she had told me that she had only worked for two weeks at Club Bacchara.  And that she hadn’t really gone with any customers in that time period.  And although I consider her as one of Soi Six’s most desirable women  while she was working at Club Bacchara there must have been nearly one-hundred girls working there.  So she can hardly have ever been considered the queen of the ball at Bachara considering the huge amount of competition she found there.

Her first statement months ago might have been an accurate one.  That she might never have had a single Japanese customer in her entire two weeks on Walking Street.

But even if  she had a Japanese customer or two bar fine her, such a small number hardly gave her a large enough data base from which she could formulate a well-considered opinion on  Japanese dick size.

Back then the bar fines were 1000 baht.  Considering that she was 32 years old and most girls were at least ten years younger it is very likely that she didn’t do very well in her two weeks at Bacchara.  So it’s likely that she and other older girls were gossiping about the Japanese customers in a very negative way.

Now don’t get me wrong, I find this 32 year old woman to be extremely attractive. She has a beautiful body and a very cool way about her. She’s very pleasant to look at.  She has a very appealing sense of humor (to me).  And her sexual skills are awesome. But she looks–well–32.  For me if a woman is taking good care of herself, this puts her at her prime.  But that’s not the way a lot of other men see it. Bottom line is she didn’t do well at Bacchara.  So it’s plausible that she hung around with a lot of  girls who didn’t have a lot of good to say about the club’s very substantial  customer base of Japanese men frequenting the place.

And certainly many Japanese were making complete idiots of themselves in Bachara.

by paying exorbitant amounts of money so that they could hurl ping pong balls onto the stage.  While they watched the girls trample  all over each other for  ping pong balls that they could exchange for baht.

And how many times did we watch three or four go-go girls swarm around a single Japanese customer.  So that they could milk him out of thousands of baht for drinks.  and as for 5000 baht,

 the truth is many Japanese customers do pay 5000 baht for short time sex

while thinking they are getting a great deal for their money compared to what they’d be getting in Japan.

Sorry guys, such foolishness equates to 2 inch dicks to the Thais who have to service men who are so foolish as to pay large amounts of money for so little.  My take is that the men of Nippon deserve more respect.

Then again, like many tourists from the West, it can be said that intelligent tourists  who do quite well in their home countries, leave their brains at the airport and do the most incredibly irresponsible things once they get around the bar girls of Pattaya.

But if you want to know what is really galling to me, it’s that

over 80 percent of these Pattaya Walking Street go go girls have Thai boyfriends living off of them.  It is these men who have the 2 inch dicks; not the Japanese who actually work hard for a living, who are smart and very capable executives, doctors, factory owners, etc

Unfortunately that’s not the way most go-go girls perceive their Thai boyfriends and the much more capable and manly Japanese who frequent their go go bars.

Personally I want to see a lot of such attitudes change so let me start off by telling you how I handled a go go bar girl just a few days ago.

First off, the go-go girl is not one of the dancers. She’s a waitress or service girl. Most of the girls working at her bar are coyote girls commanding a 1000 to 1500 bar fine depending upon whether a customer bar fines the girl before or after midnight. Her bar fine was 800 baht which is more than I’m used to paying.  But still more acceptable than 1000 or 1500 baht.

So once I determined that her bar fine was a lot less than most of the dancers in her bar, I asked her how much she wanted for short time sex. Straight off she tells me she wants 2000 baht for short time so I ask her how much would she charge me if I boom boom her in the toilet.  I suppose she must have found my question to be very funny because she told me she’d have sex with me for 3000 baht in the toilet. I then told her I’d give her 1000 baht to bang her in a short time room.

So was this a good deal for her or wasn’t it?  First off when she gets a 800 baht bar fine, she’s going to split that with her bar so she’s getting 400 baht in her pocket.

She’s also gotten a couple free drinks off me.  And she’s going to get a commission off each drink she’s getting from me. So let’s say she makes a 100 baht commission on the two drinks plus 400 baht from the bar fine plus the 1000 baht I’m giving her for short time. This is 1500 baht to her which amounts to almost $50.00 U.S. money.

Now let’s suppose she didn’t accept my offer. Chances are at the end of the night she would have been 1500 baht poorer. Okay..let’s give her this. I leave. Other customers come in and buy drinks from her. Suppose she gets real lucky and makes 250 baht additional tips from her drink orders. She’s still 1250 baht richer with me than without me. So this is a great deal for her.

And what do I get out of this arrangement?  First off I’m saving 1000 baht on the basic short time price most of the dancers are charging . And by getting a waitress instead of a “super star go-go dancer” I’m paying only an 800 baht bar fine instead of 1000 or even 1500.

So how good was the sex compared to what I might have been getting from a high in demand go go dancer? Well, guys, let me tell you.  The sex was absolutely terrific. This Thai woman is tall. At 162 centimeters she’s nearly five foot four which is the height of the average American or European woman.  And her legs, stomach–the entirety of her body was so firm, so delectable.

Why my brother, Billy Bob’ been crowing about this particular waitress as being “Hot, Hot Hot” and having the most perfect body on Walking Street.

Friends, trust me, it doesn’t get any better than this. Plus I didn’t have any of this crappy ass, I’m Walking Street go go dancer super star attitude.  Which I get from too many go go dancers who cannot even begin to compete with my favorite Soi Six Girls.

So what’s my next move? Hopefully I will bar fine her again but she did tell me she’s going home for awhile and soon.  Okay, here’s how I play this one. If she’s in the club the next time I go to Walking Street, I will make a priority of bar fining her.

So I bar fine her and then I tell her, “Let’s just have one or two tequilas at Crazy House Go-go before we go short time.

She will accept, I can almost guarantee that and when I do there’s a good chance she’s going to be talking to at least one of the go go dancers there.  And when she does the first thing that’s going to be discussed is money.  So she will be asking  “How much money is this American paying you for short time?”

There’s a good chance she might actually tell the truth and tell the girl she’s getting just 1000 baht. And even if she doesn’t, I just happen to know one of the service girls at Crazy House so the next time I go there  I will be sure to tell her that I paid 1000 baht to boom boom the service girl from the other go-go bar. Even if I don’t if one of the more attractive dancers sits with me, I’m going to be telling her I pay just 1000 baht short time.  And the girl I brought in the other night got 1000 baht from me and we will be doing it again.

Now let’s suppose the next time I go into the waitresse’s bar and she’s not there? I can about guarantee that one of the other girls will wanting to steal me away from the waitress and when she comes around me trying to feel my older than God penis up, I will be telling her my price is 1000 baht for short time.

So what I have done is I have established my price at 1000 baht, no more or no less.

One thing I’m not going to do and that is to be paying the tourist rate of 2000-2500 baht for a short time. I might even go to Super Babes where there’s one or two good looking waitresses and bar fine one of them. I think even the bar fines for most of the go go dancers is still around 600 baht and once I bar fine someone there and give the girl 1000 baht for short time, I can tell the next girl “my price is 1000 baht.”

So here’s the deal guys. In Thailand money is number one.

One might say that in Japan honor is number one or that it is important to have a great education, to do the best job possible, to tell the truth, and so on. That’s what I admire about Japan, and believe me, in general I like Japanese people very much.

But a lot of Thais do not respect this. They see English, German or American men ringing the bell and buying drinks for an entire bar and they lose respect for the customer for parting with his money so foolishly and for nothing. They see Japanese men buying up a lot of ping pong balls and throwing it at the girls.  And they perceive this as “stupidly throwing money away.” The employees and go-go girls are now perceiving their Japanese customers as the easiest of all to take advantage of.  But the truth is Japanese men do not deserve so little respect. I will now put one last thought in your minds.

When I was bar fining the waitress the mamasan came up to us and asked me, “What are you giving her?” If I were Japanese I might have been polite and said, “one thousand baht.”

If I had been polite, the mamasan would have then said, “Why you can’t do that. You must give her 1500 baht or 2000 baht.” So what happens then? The mamasan would have demanded the higher price and if I wouldn’t pay it she would have told the waitress–“ you can’t go with this customer. You must stay and take care of the customers as a waitress.” If I caved into the mamasan’s demands she would told the waitress later on, “Look, I got you a higher price than you were asking so I want a share of the increased money I got for you.”

Lesson to be learned is this…NEVER, NEVER DEAL WITH THE MAMASAN. I told the mamasan that what I was giving the waitress was up to me and up to the waitress and not up to her. In other words, I was telling her this is none of your business so fuck off.

But I put it a little more nicely than that. So there it is….work it out between yourselves and get that price down—a lot. Even if you can’t speak English or Thai use sign language if you have to or get one of your Japanese buddies to help you out.

Just remember that a lot of these go go girls are going home alone. They need the money. And most of them need a lot of help on how the math works out, that a thousand baht is a lot better than not getting barfined.   If you get that price down (a lot) and stop throwing all those ping pong balls these girls will respect you a lot more.   And even if they don’t, who cares.  Money is, after all, number one.  Just make sure you are not getting the short end of the stick  when it comes to the money. Above all remember that Japanese wanting cheaper go-go girls get a lot more respect than the Japanese customer who simply agrees to whatever the mamasans and go go dancers demand.

If you are Japanese you will especially enjoy reading Japanese Politeness is Ruining Walking Street.  Because it represents the personal views of a lifelong friend of mine who just happens to be Japanese.

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