Eye Candy Calendar girl talks about the other calendar girls

Mali is the fun loving Eye Candy Calendar girl comparing the other Pattaya Beaches Eye Candy Calendar girls to each other.

picutre of Eye Candy Calendar girl Mali on on Bamboo Beach

Why should you watch these two videos of Mali speaking out about some of the other girls on the 2024 Pattaya Beaches Calendar? Each calendar girl is very special in her own right. But Mali’s got in far greater abundance a talent most Thai bar girls do not have. An attention span.

But don’t believe what I’m writing here just because I’ve written and published six books. Watch Mali in action and decide for yourself. Is this pretty girl telling me what I want to hear?

To watch video number one click here.
To watch video number 2 click here.

You will rarely find Mali on her telephone. Which is for most people a ticket to a zoo inhabited by the most thoughtless people on earth. The crowd of facebook worshippers who are mankind’s sheep in today’s farm lot.

So it’s time to listen up to this Eye Candy Calendar girl. Because she pays close attention to what’s going on all around her. While ignoring her smart phone.

Want to know who’s the best dancer in this crowd?

I’ve held three dancing contests, and Mew’s won all three of them as the overwhelming choice of all five judges. So the obvious choice for best dancer is Mew. She’d be my pick of the litter. But not according to Little Miss Mali. As I’ve said, this Eye Candy Calendar girl pays strict attention to whatever I’m showing her on my 65 inch television. Whether it’s a dancing contest or the latest Russian or American television series on Netflix. Only two other girls come close to her. And those would be Eye herself, who I’ve not seen in nearly two years and Mimi. And Mimi doesn’t count because she’s not one of the 2024 Eye Candy calendar girls.

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