Korat High School Reunion

Korat–Thai Class of 2003 High School Reunion dance, drink and party on

I am invited.  After all, my Thai girlfriend went to school with all these people.  The party is at the school.  It’s outdoors and there’s several hundred people there sitting at tables.  Food is provided.  Of course we all had to pay for tickets to be at our assigned tables.  There’s loads of Thai whiskey for us and the Thai male school mates of my girlfriend are doing a lot of drinking.  For that matter so am I.  At one point my girlfriend points at another table around seventy-five feet from ours and tells me there’s an American over there who lives in the area. “Why don’t you go over there and talk with him,” she tells me.  But it’s awkward.  The table is full and it’s pretty noisy with the band playing so I tell her, “I’m doing just fine with all these Thai friends of yours.  And all this Thai whiskey I’m drinking.”

After a few of those, and I almost feel like I’m old friends of these Thai men I”m meeting for the first time. There’s several farmers in the group.  Another, who’s quite affable works in electronics in Bangkok.  Then there’s Mr. Tour Guide who I met straight off.  The man speaks good English and he’s organized a small group of the gals.

This is the real deal.  I doubt if many of the gals are or ever were bar girls.  This video is of extremely good quality and will even play well on my 55 inch television.  My camera is a very unprepossessing, rather small  Panasonic LX-7, which I’m sure looks like a toy to the Thais I”m drinking with, but it’s a real killer piece of optical excellence.  It has a 1.4 lens which is extremely fast and therefore fantastic for low light situations such as I”m encountering at this party and it also has anti vibration technology built in.  It’s so capable in low light that I can usually take digital still pictures without resorting to the camera’s flash. The result is what you are seeing here in this you tube video which I”ve uploaded at 1920 by 1080 full HD quality resolution.


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